A Guide To An Art History Research Paper Thesis

Students pursuing art history at a higher educational level have a task to handle in the course of their studies; that, to complete a top quality thesis. However, since most of them are normally first time writers, it is essential to get an art history research paper example which can serve as a guide to crafting the best paper ever. Below is a guide on how you can achieve this dream.

Formulate an interesting topic

One of the things you need to know when formulating a topic is the fact that every other student is also doing the same. Therefore, you have to do your best and make sure that you craft the most extra ordinary topic that can easily capture the mind of the reader. Therefore, to make this dream come true, it is important to read as many books and other online resources as much as you can.

Create a mind grabbing introduction

Once you have known what you want to craft about, the second thing is to introduce the topic. There are many students who get a lot of difficulties when it comes to this section. For instance, some of them write out of context and therefore, the readers cannot quite understand what one wants to talk about. Make sure your i9ntroduction creates a smile on everyone’s face.

The body

This is where all the weight of the paper lies. Therefore, if you jot down irrelevant information here, you will be certain to fail. In most cases, one has to create research questions and then try to answer them while developing this section. Make sure you write a topic sentence and then explain it vividly. The results should be in line with the research questions so that you do not get out of context.


If you do not know how to compose a conclusion, you should try to learn it first and you will be in a safer position. All you need to do is to give a summary of all the content outlined.


The very last thing that the lecturer would want to see is the source of your information. Therefore, always make sure that you have cited all the sources, whether books, journals or any other online source.