Writing A Research Paper On Frankenstein By Mary Shelley

Are you waiting to craft a top notch research paper on Frankenstein but you have no clue on where to begin from? You should not panic at all because you have accessed everything you need. Many people who have skimmed though this article have been able to become good writers. Therefore, nothing should prevent you from becoming one as well. Here is a perfect guide for you.

Explore and compose a specific title

There is no way you can compose a research paper on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley if you do not take a bit of your time to read the book and understand it. A good student would consider noting down important information to refer to when he or she wants to explain something. Once you have a great understanding of the book, you will be able to deduce what you want to write about and therefore, you can effectively compose a winning title.

Introduce the paper

An introduction is an essential component of the paper and it must therefore be captured. You need to include thesis statement. Normally, readers would look for this single statement as it is a perfect central idea of the entire research paper. Moreover, you have to state your main and specific objective so that readers can understand what you exactly are looking forward to achieve. Your introduction should also cover the research questions

The body

There is no paper that lacks a literature review. This is normally a way of showing the lecturer that you have actually explored multiple resources and therefore, you are enriched with the information. After this, write the body, present the results and then give explanations for each. You should all discuss the results in details for proper understanding of the reader.


This is a brief section that entails a summary of the information that has already been illustrated. Therefore, with good mastery of the book, you will always find it easy to compose this section.


This is a crucial section of the paper and must never be left out. However, the way you format it will depend on the specific writing style given in the instructions. You should only refer the reader to the books that are relevant to the information contained in your paper.