Writing A Research Paper About Literature Topics

Writing a research paper can be intimidating at first, but it is important to remember that you only need to acquire a clear understanding of the writing process. There is a difference between writing an essay and a research paper.

With research paper topics about literature, you should have a systematic approach for your idea, and a well thought out argument. It is also a scholarly piece of writing, so any claims or points made should be backed up with relevant findings in your literature review.

Find a great literature topic

One of the challenging parts of writing a good research paper is having clarity on the topic of interest. Most likely, the topic will involve a particular text or historical period or author. Narrow down on the specifics of what you will base your research paper on, then go through the primary texts carefully.

Reviewing existing sources will enrich your writing and give you a better idea of how to frame your arguments, judging by the gaps in the literature. A research paper related literature example can be found on various web forums, online literature research paper websites, and at your campus library. Remember to take detailed notes on possible points to include under your chosen title or topic.

Have a detailed outline

There are many ways to come up with an outline that will help you structure your research paper better. You can have a conventional format in which you order main points from beginning to end. You could also form your outline based on the order of broad points to more specific points. The structure that is well-suited to your research paper will depend on the topic you choose and which strategy works best.

Don’t be afraid to make edits to an outline draft, depending on the flow of your argument and changes in your thought process. The purpose of the outline is to guide with more detailed research and to maintain your focus on the chosen topic.

Do the right research

Working on a research paper about literature topics is a great reason to raid your local library as well as digital sources. Library catalogues can be extremely informative about relevant texts available. Once you have exhausted your annotated version of a text, general works of literature such as literary histories and an encyclopedia can also give you new insights into the topic and are a good place to start. Bibliographies, both past and present, can be a reliable alternative when scouring for secondary texts.

Be critical of internet resources unless they are from well-known research institutions or university affiliated projects. Many types of information can be found online with little censoring done. It is up to you to double check the sources. for amazing perspectives on writing a literature topic research paper.

A research paper on literature topics should contain a precise introduction, a body and a clear conclusion. The introduction lays the foundation for your major argument; the body becomes a detailed discussion of related research both current and retrospective; the conclusion reviews all the points covered and provides future implications from your findings. Once your first draft is completed, it is time to revise. Make the effort to check for grammatical errors and terminology used according to the audience.