Medieval Art History Research Paper Topics to Consider

The medieval period is a vast period during which the arts flourished. Some of the well-known artistic styles that emerged from this period include Romanesque, Byzantine, Viking, Byzantine and Gothic. Since there are varied cultures and histories associated with this particular period, narrowing down on your topic of choice can be an overwhelming task.

It is important to gain clarity on the area of focus early on, when preparing to write a medieval art history research paper. Start with a question then look for the bigger picture – whether it is the historical period of interest, major themes of that time, the geographical area you want to look into, or medieval art and its impact on themes like love, spirituality, society and culture.

A great place to start getting more background on the topic of interest is to go through the reference section of the library. Some investigation and detailed research will put you in a position of advantage as you progress with writing your research paper. Primary sources can be a challenge since they are rarely available with English translation. Don’t forget to integrate online resources such as search engines for medieval art history articles.

Medieval art history research paper topics to consider can be useful when you have trouble picking a good idea.

  • Evaluating the roles of women as contributors in the history of medieval art.
  • The significance of patronage and agency for medieval art history.
  • Elaborate on how the iconography of cities and the urban experience played a part in the medieval world.
  • A postmodern interpretation of the margins of medieval art.
  • The depiction of folklore and other secular motifs in Northern European medieval art and architecture.
  • An examination of the medieval concepts of race, morality and power in Ireland.
  • Provide a detailed analysis of the centrality of religious art and imagery in medieval manuscripts.
  • The importance of symbol and meaning in the European Art of Late Middle Ages.
  • Exploring the concept of devotion, religion and liturgy in Late medieval England.
  • The iconography of love in medieval art from the 12th century onwards.
  • The role of intertextuality between early medieval art and drama.
  • Portrayals of art and nature in medieval and renaissance art history.
  • Elucidate on the religious conceptions of the human body during medieval
  • times.
  • Adolph Goldschmidt and his role in the shaping of medieval art history.
  • The process of creation and the development of style in medieval art.

No matter how simple or complex the scope of your research paper topic is, it is important to prioritize having a well-written structure with clear transitions in your argument. The reader needs to understand the point of every paragraph and the link between the ideas you put forward. Sample topics can help you brainstorm and narrow down on your own idea more effectively. Take the help of whatever resources you need to provide scholarly citations to back up your points.